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Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby Crowned Kinglet (Female) by Revup67, on Flickr


Belted King Fisher (Megaceryle alcyon) by Revup67, on Flickr


--- Quote from: revup67 on October 15, 2012, 11:18:58 PM ---
--- Quote ---One thing I have noticed though, is how important using the right AF scenario is, otherwise it is just as twitchy as the 7D. In short, the AF on the MkIII is a revelation, I even focused on a roosting treecreeper by torchlight, while juggling a flash on a cord in the other hand.
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yes, I could not agree more.  Which AF settings are you choosing for birds?  I'm typically on AF Expansion or Zone AF.  Ai Servo of course but I've noted changing the Servo settings depending on the scenario may offer even a better hit rate such as for Hummingbirds.  There's one there that offers something like "objects that change speed".  if in flight, I like to do a +1 on the EV to separate the bird form the bright skyline and avoid shadow recovery needs as the 5D has a bit of lo DNR noise.

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Sorry, I missed your reply Rev. It's something I'm still experimenting with, but depending on the bird, I'm leaning towards cases 4 and 5 (if I remember the order right). One of them is the changing speed and one is for erratic movement. In the past, I used spot a lot of the time, but the MkIII seems to be much more accurate than the 7D with the wider selections, so I use spot AF less often and for BiF, I am leaning towards points expansion and am finding that zone works well too. I tend to shoot to the right anyway, so tend towards slight overexposure.

Reddish Egret, Galveston, TX, Canon 5D3, 70-300L, f8, ISO 1000, 1/1250 @ 300mm, cropped to 2256X1504 pixels

mr few shots:
first post on forum but an avid follower, have picked up some great tips and advice as well as some amusement. love the heron and squirrel shots very unusual.
I cannot rave enough about the 5d III it was a carefully considered upgrade from the 5D Classic which I felt was an amazing camera capable of producing superb images when I did my part. The biggest drawback of the 5DC camera for me was the AF for moving subjects such as BIF but then it was in truth a studio / landscape camera if I was honest. great macro capability with the DLA factor though.
I don't necessarily think the images I take with the 5d III are a massive step up from the 5DC (although I feel they are better) when I get it right but it certainly makes getting the images a lot easier with the AF and menu systems / functions. I got the 5d III fairly soon after it came out and as a result paid £500 more than what I could get it for now.  Regrets.....hell no I just think of the enjoyment I have had learning about it and using it in the last 6 months.
I will attempt to post a link to my flickr page of a Robin taken with it. The DOF is probably a bit shallow but you take the moments you get!! :) :) :)


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