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Earthquake Effect on Canon Products

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Mostly Unknown

What’s going to happen with manufacturing is still pretty unknown at the moment. I think it’s safe to say we’re going to have shortages of products over the next few months. I’m not sure how “just in time” Canon is with inventory to various nations around the world, but I don’t imagine they warehouse a lot of stuff in Japan.
Beyond manufacturing, they have to be able to get the product out of the country. Shipping ports, airports, trains, trucks and all that are very affected by the earthquake.

If you really wanted something but were holding off for a better price, I’d consider picking it up before the possibility of stock issues or price increases at various retailers.

All information has stopped trickling in. I am unsure for the moment if any product launches or announcements have been posponed.
Canon Humanitarian Efforts (Canon Canada Official Statement)
I would like to provide you with the available updates around the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan causing widespread destruction and injury.  There are a total of three Canon Inc. operational sites and five group companies located in Japan.  Unfortunately, 15 of our employees at one location were injured.  Thankfully their injuries are not life-threatening.
The damages to buildings and equipment vary from location to location and the supply of essential utilities (gas, water and electricity) has been negatively impacted.  The country has announced that there will be rotating black outs to assist in the relief effort in all areas.
The Company continues to ascertain the extent of the damages and determine the best course of action.  The impact on future production has yet to be determined and contingency plans are underway.  However, we do expect there will be some disruption in some areas.
We will be keeping the most up to date information posted on the homepage under latest news for your information. We will communicate any known impacts on our business to you as they become available.  In the interim, we understand you will need to make the appropriate business decisions for your organization and we will endeavor to provide you the most up to date information possible.
To aid in the relief efforts, the Canon Group is making a donation of 300 million yen (approximately $3.5 million Cdn) to the Japanese Red Cross Society and other humanitarian aid organizations, and will provide supplies as needed.
Our thoughts are with our fellow employees and their families in Japan as well as those working abroad whose families have been impacted.  We would like to extend our thanks to those of you who have already expressed your concern for our employees at Canon.  It is very much appreciated.

Canon is a pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything

I have to admit that I'll be leary of products made in affected facilities for a while after they resume production --  who knows what got shaken/abraded, and if the quake and/or damage spread dust around.

If you really wanted something but were holding off for a better price, I’d consider picking it up before the possibility of stock issues at various retailers."

I was holding off on for a few more months *6/7 honestly* for the 5d mk III, but I went ahead and ordered the 5d mkii while the prices is' what it is. I have to agree if Nikon prices went up, it's just a matter of time before canon does. With the parent company not operational in Japan, my guess at a business logistic's would be to hold off on any new products announcements or new products (DSLR'S) ,because I may not be able to provide the support it deserves, firmware - return's - parts (I'm not really aware how the satellite company functions - Canada & USA (please fill me in - just curious)  l. I asked dell how many they had on stock they said 30.

 I did my donations for the red-cross, so if you'r able to do so if you can, love u Japan's!

Some news from Taiwan:

According to Canon Taiwan, while components such as CCDs do come from Japan, the majority of the factories are outside of the disaster areas. However, factors such as scheduled blackouts, factory shutdowns, and transportation issues makes it hard to grasp the entire picture.

The company also pointed out that there's no problem with the supplies for March since there's still inventory. However, beyond that is anybody's guess.


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