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Author Topic: From CW: Canon Working On A DSLR With A Sensor Bigger Than Full-Frame?  (Read 4170 times)


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Someone over at CW just came up with this idea again. CR -3? 8)
Quotation from CW:
"I was a little bit uncertain if I should post this. The rumor comes from a new source, and it is the first time I hear this very rumor. After having had some emails with the source, I had the feeling that I could trust it. However, this is a rumor, and as all rumors it has to be taken with a grain of salt. Ok, here it is: I have been told that Canon is working on a new DSLR, a camera that will be a complete game changer and that will be announced in September (Photokina). Aimed at the super-pro photo-crowd, this DSLR will sport a entirely new sensor, a sensor that is said to be bigger than a full-frame sensor. No word, unfortunately, about resolution or other core specs, nor if it will be medium format or not. Just “bigger than full-frame” (see the pic below to get an idea about sensor sizes). If the rumor turns out to be true, it would mean that Canon is expanding its territory, not only jumping (hopefully soon) on the mirror-less bandwagon, but also invading a domain where others are the main players.

This is a hot summer regarding Canon announcements, and we can expect more rumors to leak in the next weeks and months. We should see a mirror-less camera announced in the next weeks (if all the rumors I and others reported are true). Then there is Photokina in September, where most of us expect the EOS 70D and the EOS 7D Mark II to be announced. And the new, mysterious DSLR with a sensor bigger than full-frame. Stay tuned!"

Here's the link to it.
Cheers, Pedro
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Finally an opportunity to see some FF smuggery turn sheepish; a sensor bigger and more expensive than their FF. :o :o :o

And presumably a new opportunity for Canon to sell more of its 600mm lenses, which would be a wide angle or walk-around lens on some goliath frame camera.  ;)
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Not much use if this new sensor is bigger than EF lenses.


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Not much use if this new sensor is bigger than EF lenses.

I don't think the new big sensor is meant to be or the cheaper camera's for a while. As long as all the glass that supports FF can manage it....  *

*just my noob-opinion here


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Not much use if this new sensor is bigger than EF lenses.
Well, it will have a nice circle around the picture...


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Yes. A circular sensor than uses ef lenses full capacity and range. =-p I would love some O-shots
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You know how much I was hoping this wasn't going to appear anywhere on CR? :D

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It would indeed be better to let CR publish rumors, then the totally absurd ones can be ignored.
If you have a rumor, and its reliable, send it to the CR guy.  If its one of those third hand kiddie wishful thinking ones that do not make sense, don't post them. 
People pick this stuff up and pretty soon, CR gets blamed by people who believe everything they read.

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