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Author Topic: 100-400mm vs. 70-300L for basically the same exact price used? Which one?  (Read 39421 times)


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I know the 70-300L is newer and with better optics and IS system. I have the older 70-300 IS (non-L) and the 300mm IQ is pretty bad. The other option for me is the 70-200 F/4 IS, but after spending a week in San Diego, 200mm on the beach just may not cut it.

I couldn't even get real close shots of bikini-clad women. Sorry if this offends anyone. I've seen sample shots of the 100-400 and they are very good. Same with the 70-300L. What I always hear is from 200mm to 300mm is not THAT noticeable. But from 200mm to 400mm is significantly longer, of course. What to do?

First, I want to thank you for all the great responses your "bikini-clad women" comment has generated...   ;D

I don't doubt that the 70-300L is going to yield better IQ than the 100-400L.  That said, the 100-400L is decent too and will definitely blow away your previous non-L 70-300.  For me the question comes down to weight vs need.  You might consider renting the 100-400L for a weekend and seeing if the extra reach justifies the extra weight.

I tend to use the 100-400L close to my vehicle.  If I'm walking any significant distance there is no chance the 100-400 is making the trip.  This is particularly true in heat and humidity so, as I am planning a trip to Costa Rica's Pacific coast, I'm dealing with this same question:  Should I take my 100-400L or buy a 70-300L?  I know from my last trip there that the 300-400mm range would be VERY useful...assuming the lens is with me and not back in a hotel room because I'm not in the mood (or condition) to lug it around.  Ideally, Canon will reduce the weight of the 100-400L II to something I can carry while keeping the price down to something I can afford and delivering it within my lifetime.  Since I don't see any of that happening, I have a feeling I will be purchasing the 70-300L and leaving my 100-400 at home...probably.

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Those chicks don't seem to be wearing clothes...   :o

Obviously in the future I will have to be careful to post images that aren't as easily, how shall I say, subject to "interpretation"  ::)

Sorry Diane, Neuro is a bad influence on me. 8)
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