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First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?

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The First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?

This appears to be a lens adaptor. EF to something else?
Egami compares it to the Sony NEX to alpha mount adaptor.
Publication number: Patent 2011-53437 (P2011-53437A)

Release date: March 17, 2011 (2011.3.17)

Title of invention: Lens adapter apparatus and system
Google Translated Link (egami)
CR’s Take

I don’t read japanese, so I’m relying on the job the translator does to the site. It looks like a lens mount adaptor. If/when Canon enters the mirrorless market, I am pretty confident they will have an EF adaptor for such a system.
This is the first patent I’ve seen that has even a remote chance of being about a mirrorless camera from Canon.

Perhaps it's a PL mount adapter for cinema lenses?

Not even close to PL mount, PL mount has 4 lugs on the bayonet where Canon has 3, also PL mount has no electronic communication.

I scaled the image size to match with the EF mount, it appears the registration distance for this EVIL camera is close to 30mm, which puts it just slightly deeper than Contax G1, so no Leica M & Screw mount lenses.

Also the throat dia. looks too small for FF, APS-H is almost the same size, so is too close to call, looks like it might be APS-C. :( I hope there is some wiggle room for sensor size. (I have not ray traced any camera lenses so I'm not sure if there will be any vignetting with larger than APS-C sensors.)

CR... I think you need to show the second image. The first image shows how the adapter design was engineered by competitors and the second image shows the Canon design with the contacts rotated. The Canon design is apparently simpler to fabricate resulting in lower manufacturing cost.

Since one competitor already manufactures a Canon version of the mount, this adapter most likely solves an existing problem.   

Looks  to me like they are just comparing  4/3 to m4/3, Alpha to E mount, and EF to Canon's new mount.
the 2 diagrams show two locations for the communication connections, the first, similar to Sony's patent and the 2nd which is different than Sony's and therefor not a patent infringement.


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