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Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.  I do a lot of hiking and carry with me my t2I along with a 100-400, 24-70, and 100mm macro.  All cannon lenses.  I was wondering what the best belt or harness would be best for carrying the different lenses.  I have a slingback but that doesn't really allow for quick changes.  The 100-400 came with a nice belt case but I don't have anything for the other lenses.  If I went with a lowe pro utility type belt would my canon case that I do have work with that or would I need the belt with 3 or 4 new cases to attach to it?  Id appreciate any help!

The belt loop on the Canon cases isn't very convenient. I use a Lowepro Deluxe Technical Belt, which is great.  I generally have a Lowepro Lens Exchange 200 AW (which holds the 100-400) and one other case (for the 100L and 24-70, old Lowepro designation Lens Case 2S would be perfect, not sure what the new equivalent would be).

That LowePro looks interesting. I've been considering a Cotton Carrier vest (or a copy of it). I'm trying to avoid the problem of the lens swinging against my leg as I walk.

Hi, thank you for your help.  So, right now I'm leaning towards the Lowepro Deluxe Technical belt, Lowepro S& F Technical Harness, Lowepro Lens Exchange 200AW, and from ebay the Lowepro Lens Case 9 x 13 cm 2S SlipLockā„¢ 55-200mm f/4.

How does this all sound for my 100-400, 24-70, and 100mm macro?

Sounds perfect.


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