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5D MarkIII Low ISO performance in shadows

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Am I the only one to think that 5d MK3 has very poor performance in shadows, even in low isos like 100 or 200 ? High color noise, weird noise patterns, vertical bands/stripes all without any pushing!!!
Straight out of the box the images look terrible in the shadow areas.
Why is that? I am very disappointed. VERY disappointed ...
Even my poor old 350d did better in that domain...
Is there something wrong with my copy or is it supposed to be like this ?

Another sample

Can you post side by side comparison between 5D3 and rebel? Same scene, same lighting, same exposure.

If this is the nature of the sensor, you and I have to live with it. But if you don't do large print or not always look at 100%, the noise may not be an issue at all. Remember that this camera provides you tremendous opportunity to capture the scenes or the moments you would've have missed using other camera. What really matters is the content in your image. Enjoy the camera!

That is exactly what I hate about my 7D! You are right my old 350D also handle it better :-(
I was looking to get a 5D III  and hoped it would be significant better there...

no way mine is nothing like that i dont even get noise like that at iso 8000 unless pushing it 3 stops


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