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Canon G1x or Sony RX100 for vacation and light duty

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I have a Canon 5d Mk iii and am looking for a sidekick for quick outings and vacations. I have come to the Canon G1x but it's size is a little big or the Sony RX100 which looks promising. I want dslr like IQ and semi small package otherwise it's no better than a CSC. Anyone have any input would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning toward the Sony since it's actually pocketable and has a macro mode. I do like how the G1x has been said to have low end rebel quality and has a hot shoe. I am torn. Help.

Torn over the hotshoe?  You want portable then you want to carry a Speedlite to mount on the camera?  Get the Sony.


--- Quote from: neuroanatomist on June 21, 2012, 09:47:04 PM ---Torn over the hotshoe?  You want portable then you want to carry a Speedlite to mount on the camera?  Get the Sony.

--- End quote ---

That makes sense. I guess if it's portable a speedlite does not help. Also it will actually fit in my pocket and aid for rides and candids. I just did not want to work with another system but hey thats what I have to do.

I have lowered my gear for my vacation.
At this point
50 or 40mm
270 exii
batteries and sd/CF cards
Considering Tamrac Evo 6 or lowepro Fastpack 350
While I want the 70-200. It is too much for a vacation I think. As it  is I don't even want to think about that heat and all that gear around my neck and back.

If you are going to carry all that stuff than get the RX100.

In my case I sold all "that stuff" and took a G1X, 320EX, and an S95 on my last trip.  Different strokes ...

In my old age (66) and with a terrible back, I haven't carried more than one body and one lens at the same time for several years.  I might travel with multiple lenses, but I only carry one at a time around my neck.   Even that got to be to heavy, so I switched to the G1X. 


I've had a G1 X for 4 months. In terms of image quality and optics it's superb (I'm a pro and shoot 5DII and 5D III). My main complaints are it focuses slow and the macro is very limited. But I'd still go for it over the RX100 - it has a much larger sensor and that's where you get image quality. The built-in flash work surprisingly well too.
But forget flash 99.9% of the time. You can get beautiful images from this camera at high ISO - natural light is better so take advantage of what the G1 X offers.


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