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T4i/650D DigitalRev review.

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Has anybody posted a link to this yet? If not here is the link, you just have to get over the early part of the video at the launch.

Canon 650D / T4i Hands-on Review

dunno i couldnt see that other link

been waiting for this

Love that guy's sense of humour. The camera ain't too bad, either- for a wannabe like me.

for the cost its pretty decent and i bet there will be some sweet discounts on em when xmas rolls around too

I would be upgrading from a Rebel XS, so this camera is like a god send!  I am mainly interested in the ISO "power up", but the other stuff is always welcome.  Topping out the ISO at 1600 on my XS... SuX!  Not to mention the riot of noise I get at that ISO.

I was looking hard at the 60D, but I think this 650D/T4i will get my cash in the end.

Great review.  I am going to look up more from this site.

Mark L.


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