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So I got a G1X to replace my S100 with a broken screen (which still works however). I'm going to return it however as I'm not impressed.

It's a neat camera in a lot of ways, a real chunky monkey. Really solid and feels good in the hands. I like best that it has a hot shoe and an articulating screen. However for the price it doesn't seem to give pictures much better than my S100. I'm not a pixel peeper, and the larger sensor should surely be doing better, but in real world shooting I'm seeing similar quality in LightRoom. Which either speaks to the quality of the S100, or to the G1X, or to me, don't know. Also I don't like having a lens cap, and to protect the lens I have to get a too expensive adaptor which will pop the lens out even more.

However the camera isn't that much fun. It's almost the same size as the Fuji X100 which I have, and the Fuji takes way better pictures and is a lot more fun to use. The G1X is more versatile (zoom), but it's safe, comfortable, and boring. All for $800. My biggest complaint however is the size, it won't fit in the SnapR bag like the G12 does, it takes the Snap35 bag like the FujiX100. So it's not really a compact camera anymore but a midsize. And if I'm taking a midsize camera, I expect better pictures for it.


--- Quote from: FunPhotons on June 26, 2012, 10:37:20 AM ---So it's not really a compact camera anymore but a midsize. And if I'm taking a midsize camera, I expect better pictures for it.

--- End quote ---

That's my issue with the G1 X - if I want small, I want small, meaning the S100 or the new little Sony with the 1" sensor.  If I can't get small, frankly, I don't see a lot of difference between the G1 X and a dSLR.

I've also recently purchased and returned a G1X.

Didn't mind the size or weight, but i was deeply disappointed with the IQ and the menu system. I was also disappointed that a camera that would require significant mastering, to get the best from it, came with an electronic manual only.

Not sure what market this camera is aimed at, but i'm thinking my old 30D would be a better choice in almost every respect - and that's almost obsolete by comparison!

Mt Spokane Photography:
My impression is that its intended as a G12 upgrade.  Something equivalent to the old 35mm film point and shoots.  Take it to Disneyland or wherever a DSLR is too big. 
What I don't like is the price, it needs to drop a lot before I'd buy one. 

G1X is not for me.  I'm more at home with my G11.  I find macro shots very useful when just roaming around.  Also G11 fits my small belt bag.  I can't say that with G1X aside from being a little bit heavier.


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