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Did Canon criple the 5D Mark III sensor on purpose?

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Judging by the 1D X samples, the high ISO performance is outstanding and a true 1 stop improvement over the 5D Mark III.  Something that strikes me though is 4 Megapixels can't make that much difference.

Canon opted to put a nice new focus system in the 5D Mark III, but it seems to avoid people not buying the 1D X and pro's opting for a Mark III instead, they limited the ISO performance boost.   With a boost there wouldn't be much between them but now the 1D X is more appealing with its ISO quality jump!!

It's not about the lack of pixels but the space it affords them.

The pixels are what? 10% bigger than the 5D3's?

ISO stops = 100,200,400,800,1600,3200,6400,12800,25600,51200 - 10 stops.

10% bigger pixels = extra stop of performance.

Hardly scientific and probably incorrect but we should really think about this before asking.
The flagship body will have the best of everything in, best circuitry, best capacitors, best chips, everything better.

There's a reason why the 5D3 is half the price.

I would hazard a guess that Canon is pitching against the D4.

I dont believe the 1D4 was impacted by the 1DS3/5DII - I suspect the same will be case with the 1DX and the 5DIII - totally different use and therefore userbase

Let me see, the $3500 camera doesn't quite match the performance of the $7000 camera.  Do I really need to ask why?


--- Quote from: Razor2012 on June 27, 2012, 02:49:23 PM ---Let me see, the $3500 camera doesn't quite match the performance of the $7000 camera.  Do I really need to ask why?

--- End quote ---
Yes, you need to ask why. What is it that makes one camera perform vastly better than another? Why are Sony sensors better while the cameras using them are cheaper? Why does the 7D use the same sensor as the 550D? Because the price is not in the sensor and the 7D doesn't make better pictures once the light gets through to the sensor than the 550D. So we have to ask the question what makes the sensor better, even if the answer is that it is cooking the raw data. Let's find out.


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