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CPS Loan for 5DMK3 and 85L II. Need some details.


I was just approved for a CPS 5D3 and 85L II Loan on 9-28-12.  8)

Is there anything specific I should look at on the 5D3 thats not on my 5Dc? I'm talking little details.
(besides the obvious AF, IQ and build quality improvements.)

I've been looking at the 85L as well, so i'll have to pick the 5d3 or 85L by the end of the two weeks demo period.

Just a warning - don't be surprised if you can't decide and end up getting both.

The difference is tremendous, it'll feel like your 5Dc didn't even have AF compared to the 5DIII.  Low light performance is much better, and there are just so many little features that make it an awesome camera.  On the same note, the 85LII is a friggin' awesome lens, stunningly sharp and the bokeh is out of the world.  I'd say the only problem you're going to run into is having to send one of them back after the demo, since they are both awesome products. 

But honestly I think you'll get more out of a new body than a new lens, the 5DIII is really a huge step up from the 5Dc.  The 85 is nice, but I think you would end up using a new body much, much more.


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