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Perfect Photo Suite in LR4


Hi there,
I have been a loyal user of Aperture until recently switching to LR4.
Yesterday when I finished editing a picture using Perfect Portrait plugin opened from LR4, I hit Apply.  In Aperture, if I did so, the original file in the Aperture library would be updated automatically, but now in LR4, it doesn't.  Is this a difference between Aperture and LR4 and something that I have to get along with?  Or is there any other way to re-import adjustments in Perfect Portrait plugin back to LR4?  I tried to save the image as a new .tif into the LR library.  The image did show up in my LR library.  I just can't believe how troublesome it is to get adjustments made in the plugins back to LR.  So any solutions?

Okay problem solved  ;)
I set the Perfect Photo Suite as an external photo editor in preferences, and this causes the image to not be automatically reimported back to the appropriate library.
Instead I should add the Perfect Photo Suite as a Plug-in Extras under "File" in LR.
Hope this helps anyone who has the same problem as mine.


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