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I have only been street shooting (and other I guess) since 2011.  My main aim when I go out to shoot is to have NO  AIM other than to have my camera set for the conditions prevailing. 

Opportunity meeting preparation gets the shot.

I don't see in B&W nor in colour.  I just see, observe, look for an expression, a nuance, an ironic juxta, context, several different lives happening at once in a confined area.  I shoot then process to get the best (of my limited abilities) out of what I have.

if you ever suffer a lack of confidence in your abilities, look at Bruce Gilden's street stuff.  Same old schtick......but he is a Magnum 'tog....and all he does is stick a Leica and flash gun under the noses of his ambush victims.  (But to be fair.....look at his Yakusa and other photo documentary stuff and you see how brilliant he is as a camersmith)

I have seen stuff produced here by keen amatuers that I would say is way more interesting and skilfully carried out than some really well known street shooters.

I see, I shoot, I move on....I am not precious about it, I don't  go in for pseudo mumbo jumbo.  To be honest, having Parkinsons tremor, it is all I can do to hold a bloody camera still enough and for long enough to get the shot.

I see wonderful stuff in these forums, wonderful and wonder why they are not exhibited elsewhere. 


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