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I'm getting that message in the title when I try and post an image in one of the galleries.

Specifically it's in this thread: that I am getting that error.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I see you have successfully posted a image in that forum, so it might be something intermittent.  You will need to email the administrator (Canon Rumors) if it persists.  If you were blocked, you could not post at all.

Yeah, it is intermittent. I'll give it some time before I email someone about it. I was curious if anyone else was experiencing this.

Not sure what causes this.  I thought it was certain trigger words, but it's more than that.  Yesterday, I got that message when replying to a post with a complete quote of the original to which I was replying.  I deleted the quoted text, and the reply posted successfully.  Clearly, the original post went up, yet something in that same text caused a problem with my reply? 

I thought it was because I was trying to post multiple images. The only content of the posts that received that message was the BBCode that flickr produces for sharing shots. I tried to put 3 images in one post, when I pared it down to one it went through.


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