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BOTH 5D Mark III with St-E3-RT & 7D with Ex Rt 600 as Master


Hello there, I wonder anyone would have any knowledge of using two different camera body as a MASTER to control off camera flash of the EX RT 600.

Here is what I have set up: Both cameras are set for MASTER to trigger off other EX RT 600
5D Mark III with EX RT 600 on hotshoe mount
7D with St-E3-RT

Problem issue:
Only allow one to be master

Is there a way to have both as MASTER?

Thanks for reading

SO I got the chance to call and email my issue as a Vancouver Wedding Photographer in Canada, I can't use one camera body for the assignment as two camera bodies help me with my flow.

Canon reply: Here is my Report on my Blog, please leave me a comment!

Wayne Lam Vancouver Photographer


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