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5D Mark II Stock Shortages in US?

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Does anyone know if the 5D mark II Body is currently having stock issues in US? I've been accessing and the 5D Mark II Body is not available in B&H for more than a week, which is very unusual for such an important retailer. It is also not available in (by Amazon), J&R and Calumet.

Canon USA (like most manufacturers) does not inform the public of their stock levels, but looking online it seems a few retailers are out of them.  I would not over-interpret this - a couple of times in the past months, several retailers have been out of stock, needlessly fueling the 5DIII rumor mill.  In particular, Amazon seems to be out of a lot of Canon lenses now, too. 

Adorama has the 5DII in stock, by the way. 

The 60D is also out of stock nearly everywhere.


--- Quote from: bvukich on March 29, 2011, 12:41:58 PM ---The 60D is also out of stock nearly everywhere.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, but that's not unusual for a camera that's relatively new.

I'm hoping that it's a sign of the the 5D3, but sadly and tragically, it could be because of the earthquake and Tsunami.


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