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A Thank You to the real photographers out there

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A few weeks ago, I asked for camera settings help as the Wedding I was on the way to photograph would feature a Dove Release, and I had never photographed birds in flight before. neuroanatomist and Mt Spokane Photography were kind enough to lend their guidance, and you'll find here one of my favorite photos from that shoot. Do I consider it to be perfert? No, not at all. I think of myself as a perpetual student, always seeking to learn from those who know more than I do.

Imperfect though it may be, I love the peacefulness and diversity embodied by this photo. Thank you both for your assistance.

Mt Spokane Photography:
At first, I thought I was seeing a crib, then I saw the dove.  Nice capture.

Nice photo and the lighting is quote good as well.  It appears you are using the 7D.  What lens are you typically using for BIFs (birds in flight) ?

The only telephoto lens I have at the moment is the EF-S 55-250 and that is what I used. I had never photographed bif before. Will upgrade my telephoto once I get my new 5d2 paid off! My bf was kind enough to order and finance it for me.

There is plenty of honest helpful photographers on this forum. Its nothing like DPreview forums, which seems to be chalked full of flamers, trolls, and arm-chair elitists.

Good to see you've learned something new in photography. We're all always learning. 8)


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