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Took these over the weekend using the 7D and the kit 18-135mm lens. Not a very good one, but still waiting for that elusive 70-200mm one to arrive, should be here first week of april. It was a bit of a challenge to shoot this as the sun was very bright and the ground was covered in extremely white snow.
The pics turned out ok, but there could be a better balance between the snow and the dogs, haven't quite yet worked out what would have provided a better result, but I'm learning. And having fun while doing it..  ;D

Check it out. (BTW, these two ones they do play rough, but there's no aggression involved. Just so there's no misunderstanding).

_MG_2785 by K3ntFIN, on Flickr

Wrestling is a nice sport!
_MG_2764 by K3ntFIN, on Flickr

_MG_2732 by K3ntFIN, on Flickr

Hard right!
_MG_2484 by K3ntFIN, on Flickr

Here's some from my dog park (two days ago):

CR Backup Admin:
Photographing black dogs in the snow is a exercise in futility, The dynamic range is so high thats its very difficult.  Its not a lens issue.  I've a few examples that I won't show.

Here is one of my dogs taken with my Nikon 990 a few years ago before The first Digital Rebel appeared.  The background was removed, then I had a rubber stamp made for my wife.  You only need a black stamp pad!

Happy viking:
Here are my dogs playing ;D Shots taken with 7D and 70-200L USM (non is)

CR Backup Admin:
That first one deep in the snow is really cute.


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