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Post your vacation wildlife shots!

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Here are a couple of shots I snapped of the majestic bison while I was up in South Dakota a couple weeks ago.  I just got really lucky as we happened to be driving through Wind Cave National park two days in a row right when amazing sunsets were happening and buffalo were right next to and on the road (there are no fences).  Really magical.  I feel like I've been getting a lot more keepers with my shiny (not as clean anymore) new 5D mkiii.  Let's see what you've snapped.

The Wind Over Wind Cave by @!ex, on Flickr

King of Wind Cave by @!ex, on Flickr

Sunset on the King by @!ex, on Flickr

Nice shots! I made a dash through Wind Cave NP last year after Sturgis, did not have much time for photography. Well the rally is again around the corner so who knows.

Haven't been on a real vacation with my 5D3 yet but i guess a trip to the zoo counts??

Higher res image on Flickr

I'd agree a trip to the Zoo counts

Thanks for sharing Alex, both are really nice shots  :)


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--- Quote from: RESEARCH_UK on October 14, 2012, 01:03:58 PM ---I'd agree a trip to the Zoo counts

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Love your photo. What did you use to capture it?


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