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Author Topic: amazon cancelled my t4i 18-135mm kit order and now no t4i's can be found there  (Read 3652 times)


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Just wanted to get this out there. My T4i 18-135mm pre-order just got cancelled by Amazon. On top of that, they sent me an email from their "Amazon Product Safety Team" stating that "We have recently learned that Canon USA is voluntarily recalling the EOS REBEL T4i Digital SLR camera."

From what I knew only the bodies with a "1" in the fourth or fifth number from the left of the serial were affected. However, I can't find *any* T4i stuff on Amazon now. No bodies. No kits. No nothing.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Yup, just saw the same thing for the same kit order. Boooooo.

They're saying it's because of the issue that was previously reported where the rubber would rub off and show white. Apparently it *might* cause some allergic reaction or something. Sounds fishy.

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Amazon has a habbit of cancelling orders like that.  I ordered a 7D from them on the day it was announced, and they cancelled my order after two weeks due to what they called a listing error.  That meant I had to go to the back of the line.
I never even consider orderinng a new camera or lens from Amazon, Adorama gets them quicker and more reliably, so do local camera stores.
Lots of people got burned waiting for the 5D MK III, other stores had them for weeks before Amazon got any.


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That really, really stinks. I'm getting this camera through amazon because I was able to get some gift cards through work.  Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! If I had the same amount of cash ready, I'd go buy it elsewhere now. This really stinks because you can't use that credit anywhere else. I called Amazon to find out what was going on and got the "so sorry your experience was bad... we'll try to make it right." I have very little hope.

Guess I go back to the back of the line once they sort out that not all T4i bodies have the same problem. Great.

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Maybe not the solution you're looking for, but B&H shows the kits as In-Stock. Order from them and save/use your Amazon cards for something else.

CORRECTION: They have the 18-55 kit. The 18-135 is "pre-order".
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I've had a few issues with Amazon UK recently, mainly with delivery. I had a spate of orders that weren't delivered by my chosen method (first class mail, so that I can collect easily), when challenged, they saaid the item was too large for first class mail, but couldn't satisfactorily explain why I was given the option. Then I ordered the 24mm f/1.4 MkII, but it was returned, due to non-delivery. When I asked them why, their answer was "we can't determine the reason as we are an internet company" and they invited me to re-order. To say I was less than impressed and declined their offer was putting it mildly. The last problem was through their marketplace, so not really their problem, but I ended up getting completely the wrong item and in fact, the despatch note had someone elses details, yet I've been told that they have to inspect the item first (upon return), before they can issue the correct itme, despite receiving a photograph of the incorrect item. I am now very selective in what I purchase from them and they are usually the last choice.
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