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What originally brought you to canon rumors?

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Hey all,

I thought this would be a fun way to get to know everyone a little bit more.  I would ask, "What originally brought you to Canon Rumors?"  What lens, body, or other whispering were you hoping to get the latest news on?

Originally, my obsession was the 5D mk III.  I originally got into DSLRs for video, but since perusing this site (all too often), I have become interested in all aspects of photography.

I'm still very interested to see what the next 5D will bring, but enjoy the Lens forum much more than before.  Now (I must admit) there are a good number of L lenses I have to have.

I think for me it started with the omnipresent rumors of a 24-70/2.8 IS.

Next it was the 60D, which I anxiously awaited word on, but I was less than thrilled about what was finally released.  I ended up getting one anyways, and it should hold me over until my latest obsession is released, the 5D3.

After i bought me 5d mk ii, i attacked the internet looking for information on all things canon. I found this site, and i check it almost daily. The forums are fantastic, and i really love all the insight that other canon shooters bring to the table. That and the heads up on things before canon announces them.

I tend to become a little obsessed once I have a new interest or want to reconnect with an old one. Some people may think of that as somewhat "unhealthy" or of me being a "gear head" with a tendency towards GAS ("gear acquisition syndrome"). Oh well. But I'd respectfully disagree. I still do actually take pictures, ride my bicycle, play my guitars (or work at my day job...). So to me getting as much technical background of things and making informed decisions when buying (rather expensive) items is part of the deal - and part of the fun.

So when it was finally time to (mostly) retire my old film system (Canon FD) I had to do what I'd been avoiding for years: investigate and invest in a new camera system. And after briefly looking at Nikon and Sony I decided that I was most comfortable sticking to Canon (with Leica being out of my price range)  and start over within the EOS and digital realm. And that required re-learning and rethinking everything (I thought) I knew. And thanks to the internet it is quite easy to get a lot of useful information. Some sites really stick out and keep coming up once you start looking into Canon gear. This site here is one of them.


--- Quote from: Macadameane on April 03, 2011, 11:43:31 PM ---"What originally brought you to Canon Rumors?"

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Have I even been here?  What's this site about, anyway?  ::)

I showed up here soon after picking up my 7D (upgraded from a Rebel T1i/500D).  I had already contracted L-disease, and was considering adding a FF camera to my kit.  So I suppose I was drawn here by the 5DIII...although after a mere four months of rehashed 5DIII rumors, I got tired of waiting and just picked up the 5DII.


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