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Photokina 2010 Cologne, Germany

I’ll be there & live blogging from Photokina on September 20 & September 21.
If you’d like me to visit your booth and blog about your great products, please send an email to
If anyone wants to hang out in Cologne, let me know. It’ll be a blast!
August 26, 2010

I get married this day, yep.. a Thursday! If something happens in the world of Canon, I will be unable to tell you about it.
CRGal puts up with my insane love of photography and all things Canon, I can give her one day only about her and us.
I will be streaming the wedding to my Canadian folks with a Rebel T2i, CRGal can’t completely shut me down! :)
I’ll be in Ireland, France and Germany in August & September. I won’t be back in Canada until October.

I am working on some new profile interviews, there’s so many interesting photographers out there. If I didn’t email you yet, don’t fret. I will get to more folks soon!
Lots of exciting things coming!

RE: "August 26, 2010
      "I get married this day, yep.. a Thursday!"


Congrats!  Enjoy your whole one day off  ;)  Also enjoy your trip.  That sounds amazing and I must say that I am insanely jealous.  Get lots of great pictures, but don't ignore your new bride.  Maybe you could share some photos of your trip in the forums?  Perhaps either post as you go, or show a greatest hits when you get back?  Just throwing ideas out :)

I'd have loved to go - BUT - I'll be back in the UK for university when it starts....

Have fun!

Congratulations! :-)
Have fun on the trip and make lots of photos. ;-)


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