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Beautiful sunsets

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Fire and Water by Kernuak, on Flickr

Picnic Table Sunset Portrait by Kernuak, on Flickr

Sunset over Bridgwater Quay by Kernuak, on Flickr

Kilve Pill under a Mackerel Sky by Kernuak, on Flickr

Another HDR one. A terrible lightning storm was going on behind me when I took this one,
so that I didn't dare get out of the car and took this out of the driver's side window.

5D MK3 EF16-35 at 16mm, F6.7, ISO100, 1/250 - 1/30 sec, 7 Bracketed shots, processed with EasyHDR.


--- Quote from: Pitbullo on July 19, 2012, 06:17:33 AM ---Thank you for a quick reply! :)
The last picture is very purple, I agree. It is an old picture, taken in jpeg for some reason. I do have other pictures from the same place, approx. at the same time (last year), and they were just as purple. A bit more contrasty though. I do agree with you though, it is perhaps a tad too purple.
It often gets quite foggy out there, and that gives the sunsets a very intense color.

Here is a more recent picture from the same place, taken june this year. All I have done is to add some clarity, a bit of NR, and some sharpness. No Color correction, and this is pretty much similar to what it looked like in real life.

--- End quote ---

Yeah that's a lot better.  Thanks for share.

Peace! 8)

Two images taken on Maui last September, wish i would have had my 5D back then!
I might just need to make another trip, i guess.

Very beautiful shots.


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