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Great Silhouette!!  Very nice!

first photo from me 4u.... Canon 40D


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--- Quote from: bjd on October 25, 2012, 12:02:44 PM ---+1.  I am less than impressed with the noise on my 5DIII. I find the 22mpx enough for me, but expected far better low noise performance. Using Topaz denoise doesn't help much either. OTOH the problem is probably behind the Camera.

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Here is an example 1/4000s, 400mm F5.6 ISO4000, its easy to see in the two squares. Now thats
at ISO4000, so obviously at anything higher its worse. In this case when I tried Topaz denoise
(the example here is the BEFORE state) it worked pretty well.

So, is this too much noise? And its not in the darkest parts


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Those settings don't make any sense to me... and why is the bird & his wing not frozen at 1/4000?  And not in focus at f/5.6 with a focal length of 400mm?   

I may be wrong, but shooting this at 1/1600th, f/3/2 since it's 400mm focal length, and iso 100 - 400 depending on time of day,  seems like could be a quick and easy solution to take care of all your noise problems, to me anyway...   At ISO 4000, you're just asking for issues IMHO... No offense intended... :)

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I like both sharpness and ...noise (It does not seem bad for ISO4000, but that's me). However, is this a screen capture at 100% from DPP? DPP uses the jpg file for high quality view as far as I have found so actually the noise is higher in raw.

This was with my 50d and 15-85 at iso200 at f8 and 1/8000.  I love my mkiii but sometimes miss the old guy.....

Here are two.


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