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Author Topic: first pic of canon mirrorless?  (Read 118615 times)


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Re: first pic of canon mirrorless?
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Could you clarify what is wrong with Sony's solution to adapting A-mount lenses?
They providers adapters, the second of which comes with PDAF SLT.

Caveats and operational issues on first versions, lousy AF based on adapted cameras on subsequent editions.
Obviously we have yet to see Canon's implementation, if indeed there is one, but I can only hope it's a bit better than Sony's, which was, as I previously stated 'close, but no cigar'

The on chip phase detection AF present on the 650 t4i might be the saviour, if implemented here.  Whats the point of adapting your nice fast USM primes or ring type L's if you lose the focus speed?


Dude are you just here to pick on anyone who doesn't like this camera?
It sure seems like it.
People wanted and expected more from Canon's entry. It's as simple as that. Don't know why you can't seem to get your thick head wrapped around that concept. Stop picking on people, you're becoming very annoying, even trollish.

Dude yourself pal!  the discussion is about the merits of the camera as leaked.  It's really funny because we know next to nothing about it yet and are discussing hypotheticals.  I have one opinion, others have different opinions.  To debase the discussion by accusing me of being a troll is immature.  I'm standing my ground.

As the debate about using a M mount on a canon camera is entirely hypothetical I am confident others won't take my critique personally.  Reading back, those with contrary opinions seem to be holding their own without your stepping in.

Read my posts and re-assess if you think I like this camera...   I don't.   I think it's potentially a first step in the right direction, but the controls are either going to be touch screen (urghhhh, didn't like on Panasonic GF2 or 3) or simply not going to be there at all (I can see canons logic, but I would hope for a more serious mirrorless camera to come in the future)

Your comment:
Canon skates over the lines that other players have already skated in search for the puck, yet they want to charge a premium because they simply stamped a Canon badge on retreaded tech.

Is either historically ignorant, or is painting with a very very fine brush to suit a single arguement.  It is not my experience of using Canons EOS system.  Canon don't always get it right.  I am not a fanboy.  Where somebody else makes something better I'll buy that (Currently debating a c300 or a sony f700) 

You also resort to insults:

You also seem to pick up your paychecks from Canon. Blind fanboyism has never helped any company make better products.

I wish.  But you have absolutely no basis to make this remark.  This is a canon forum.  The clue is in the title.
You may meet other folk who use canon's gear here and quite like using it and perhaps even like talking about using it.  If you make factually incorrect and inflamatory comments some of us may correct or defend.

So before we even go down that road, NO I AM NOT an Apple fanboy but at least I see them trying to innovate (even today).

My recent experience with Apple has been poor.  The main USP for me using a mac was FCP software, which I've used for 10 years.  Apple dump it.  I like the Mac OS, I like the mac platform, so what are my options?
Can I run Production Suite on a mac?  Well, yes, but to run it properly (with a cuda card) I'll need a MacPro tower (even with recent revisions about 3 years behind PC's, no USB3, no bluray, no sandybridge) with another grand spent on top for the compatable card.   So from my perspective, spending my cash on something that I can work with...  Apple have let me down.

The iphone is great.  My Macbook plods on after 6 years and can still be used for offlining in the field.  I don't really get the ipad, but lots of folk do, great.  I've never been a mac fanboy, but I have enjoyed using their products.   That your user experience is different from mine is the nature of the beast.  It doesn't make you a fanboy or me a troll.   

Don't know why you can't seem to get your thick head wrapped around that concept.

Is that really called for?  That kind of insult really undermines anything else you've said.  Adults disagree.  Adults discuss.  Stop throwing your toys out the pram.  The person resorting to insults here is you, that is troll-ish.

I agree with a lot of your assements about Apple and I too feel let down by their blatant disregard for their "Pro" market, but I still feel like they at least make attempts to innovate whenever, wherever they can. If they enter a new market, they attempt to turn it on it's ear rather than just doing the bare minimum to be profitable.

My apologies for my personal attack. Perhaps I was just having a bad day and of course you are very much entitled to your own opinions. It just seemed like you were being overly defensive about this product whenever anyone had anything negative to say about it. Anyways, like you said this is a forum and we should be able to discuss our opinions without personal attacks and for that, I was in the wrong. So I offer my apology to you Sir.
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Re: first pic of canon mirrorless?
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Re: first pic of canon mirrorless?
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Re: first pic of canon mirrorless?
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I definitely enjoyed the exchange of opinions we had in this thread! Also glad to see, that we are back in "civilized discussion territrory". :-)   

Now that the specs are "inoffically" out, we can all move over to the new thread:

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Re: first pic of canon mirrorless?
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