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Minnesota kid looking for a photographer mentor

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Alright I don't really know how to go about this but I'm going to give it a try. First of all I'm not really a kid I'm 27 and I live in Minnesota. I really love photography and cameras(starting to collect ;D)and I want to get into it more. Basically what I'm looking for is how possible it is for someone in my situation to shadow or be mentored by a professional photographer? Does something like this exist? Photography started when I found a camera in a rental car when I 18 and detailing the cars. The person never came back for the camera so I adopted it. It was an Olympus 2mp point and shoot. That's where it all began and now I've been photographing real things but not many. I did one wedding and some portrait stuff for a few people. I really enjoyed doing both. I now have another wedding coming up in september so this prompted me to see if I can learn more about this craft. I am by no means a professional and I don't know if I will be but I sure like photography more than the car buisness. I just would love a chance to learn more by spending time with a professional or something like that. I practice different things that I see on the Internet and read a lot but I'm much more hands on and visual learner. That's my silly little rant I just want to learn more and become better. Im really enjoying this canon rumors site. Thanks!!

Minnesota Nice:
Are you in/around the cities? 

Mt Spokane Photography:
I'd suggest creating a online portfolio of your best work.  Flikr is OK.  Be brutal and only put the best of the best on it.
Then show it around to photographers, contact photography schools and ask the teachers for tips, expect to work for little or nothing, and to do a lot of the grunt work.

@MinnesotaNice yes I live in Dayton which if most aren't familiar I'm 10 minutes or less(no traffic) from maple grove. I've always been doing grunt work and or working for little to nothing but I've gotten pretty far in life doing so. I just want to learn a lot more on top of what I know to gain more confidence about shooting, because I love it so much! And I am thankful I have a close friend that loves photography as much as me if not more but she's usually been busy with work and life so I've been missing out.

I'm not a pro (although I've sold some pics) and I'm definitely a one trick pony--sports.  That being said, I shoot a bike race in Plymouth every 2 weeks on Tuesday nights and would be more than happy to have you tag along and I can teach you what I know.

(Haha--that'd give me 2 "apprentices".  How many apprentices does it take to make a pro?   ;D)

Drop me an IM if you're interested.


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