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Author Topic: Do I Need $ 634 US Dollars Light meter ?  (Read 2780 times)


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Re: Do I Need $ 634 US Dollars Light meter ?
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THOUSAND THANKS to my dear Teachers and my dear friends.
Thanks for answer my post/ questions about the Light meter for my "Photographic Lighting/ Studio Lighting"  for my Class this winter semester.
Yes, I get one = Middle level of Sekonic Light meter 478 DR = $ 399 US Dollars, And Past 2 days, I try to learn to use this Awesome  Light Meter with my Photix Odin, and 4 of my Canon Flashes with Soft box, Umbrellas and Light modifier = Graslon 4100F.
Yes, I still have 7 more classes of this great learning with the PRO, my New teacher--Next 2 months.
I will report back to you, Sir/ Madam.
Have a great Sunday.
PS This Sekonic 478 DR. is perfected Fit/ Comunicate with Pocket Wizard ( 422 MHZ), Not With Photix Odin ( 2.4 MHZ.) TTL mode----But I use Photix Wireless Camera shutter control to shoot the flashes and measure by Sekonic light meter.
Yes, On Monday, I will go to see my friend at his local camera store, to test with Photix Aster ( $ 30 US Dollars ) = 433 MHZ to make sure that can fire my flashes from  Sekonic light meter. BUT Photix Aster must use only Manual Mode to set Camera and All flashes by our self.

Sorry for the shameless plug, but coincidentally I am selling the 478DR ;):


Dear Friend Mr. bleephotography.
Sorry, I must want to ask you = WHY ?
Why you sell this Sekonic  478 DR---Any Problems that you want to share with us ?.

No problems at all, Surapon. I was using it in conjunction with my PCB Einstein and PW FlexTT5s attached to my speedlites, but now that I've picked up the 600EX-RTs I no longer have use for the PW system. Unfortunately, there are no light meters out there that currently work with the the Canon RT system (the 478DR included), otherwise it is an excellent light meter and works flawlessly with PWs! P.S. I never got around to using the attachable view finder, however, so I cannot attest to that.


THANKSSS, Dear Friend Mr. Brandon.
You make my day, Well I still use Canon 580 EX , and EX II, 550 EX---And do not go to new canon flash system " RT" yet.
Yes, I super worry when you post that , you just try to sell this Sekonic.
Now, I can have a great sleep to night.
Thanks again

Sorry to worry you, Surapon! It truly was just a shameless plug :o Enjoy your new light meter and have a great, worry-free sleep ;)
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Re: Do I Need $ 634 US Dollars Light meter ?
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