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40th Birthday and surprise proposal


I did a job for a 40th birthday a week or so ago, and was hired to take stills, but I thought I'd give my G1X a go at video in low light too.
The first set of photos was supplied to me to use in the video, and they were really crappy so I had to first fix them up.
I'm not a videographer by any means, but I think the end result wasn't too bad for an amateur.
Stills taken with a 5D3.
Hope you like it.

It gets faster towards the end of the video and you'll see what average Aussie girls look like in real life. Small | Large

What program did you use to make the video?

Peace! 8)

I used Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

I generally use Elements, and had a bit of head scratching to get around the differences between Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro, but there is so much more you can do in Pro.


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