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Im looking into getting a new camera

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My budget is about 1000 which I know isn't much but I wanna make sure I get the most bang for my buck. Any suggestions?

A lens better than the kit lens is your best bang for the buck. I'd get the T3i/600D with 18-55mm to start, and save another bit for the EF-S 15-85mm lens.

T3i is good, check the Canon refurb website, they might have them a bit cheaper than new and still in good condition. If they have body only, you might save enough money to be able to put $300-400 into a lens of which there are a few decent ones. I used the original Sigma 17-70mm on my XSi and thought it was a pretty good lens. There's a newer version out which has Sigma's image stabilization (OS) tech. Apparently reviews are somewhat mixed, between OK and pretty decent. Even if you don't get that, if you can afford to get something other than the kit lens.

t3i is what I've been told now a few times, but as you said I may want an upgraded lense... I looked at the refurb's and wasn't sure I wanted a refurbished lense... do you where else I might find a new lense comparable?

Refurb/used lenses are not necessarily a bad thing. Glass that's in good condition is still worthwhile. is a good spot to buy used lenses. FredMiranda has a pretty good section of user reviews for various lenses.


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