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Im looking into getting a new camera

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Mt Spokane Photography:
Prices are dropping fast!  I bought a new 16-35mmL for less than Canon's price for a refurbished lens.
I'd sit tight and look for bargains, they are popping up everywhere.  Even the t4i is being discounted.
"The Digital Picture" has a running list of deals on the lower right sidebar, so visit that site as well.

Thanks for the help! Think going with the t3i. I found a scratch protector for it too. Same place I got one for my phone, I'd recommend them for anyone.  :)

I'd get a T2i refurbished from the Canon store ($480) plus the EF-S 15-85mm lens ($640). It only goes just a little above your stated budget. There's no need to spend extra money on the T3i or the kit lens.

Edit: order Saturday, July 28 through Monday, July 30 and use promo code EOS712 to save 15% off the price of the camera and get free shipping. Total price: $1047.98 shipped (by my calculation).

Edit 2: sorry, the above promo code doesn't give free shipping. This one does: SHIP712. You can add both promo codes to your order at the same time. Also, you may have to pay sales tax on your order.

Put most your money into a lens. they are coming out with a new camera every month now it seems, but lenses stay in the marketplace a lot longer and hold value better. I would go with the t2i. the t3i does offer wireless flash support. Refurbished is not a bad thing at all. refurbed products are meticulously inspected before they leave the company. I own a sigma 17-70 2.8-4.0 lens and it is a million times better than the kit 18-55. and quite a bit faster(bigger aperature). the canon 15-85 is an amazing lens if you can afford. the sigma is only about 425 USD. a new sigma also has a 3 year warranty in the US. the canon 50mm 1.8 is also a blast to play with for a first fast lens.

T2i and a 50mm is a great way to start learning.


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