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EOS Utility and osX 10.8 Mountain Lion

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The roaring app compatibility chart shows that EOS Utility v2.11.1 does not work on Mountain Lion ( Has anyone verified this? I'm not anxious to test this out on my system given the difficulty of downgrading the mac OS -- as well as having no idea how long Canon might take to provide a working update. I'm okay waiting it out, but if there is a compatibility issue, I'm surprised it's not getting more publicity just to keep users informed. This could be a big deal for some.

Works fine for me! Updated my OS the other day and haven't had any problems with EOS Utility.

Thanks for bringing this up.

I had to wait for several months before it worked on Lion, so I am (was) reluctant to upgrade to Mountain Lion.

Sir Phil - that's great. Can you confirm the version you are running? It looks like some older versions might work while the newer ones don't. I'm trying to use the EOS Utility that shipped with the 5d mkIII or later (2.11.x).


--- Quote from: heyandy on July 27, 2012, 09:15:40 AM ---It looks like some older versions might work while the newer ones don't.

--- End quote ---

That was definitely true when 10.7 Lion launched - rolling back EOS Utility to an old version worked, but of course the newer cameras were not supported.

I'm often curious - for what functionality do people use EOS Utility?  I didn't even bother to test it when I started running 10.8 a couple of months ago, since I haven't needed EOS Utility since I stopped shooting JPG (when I used it to load lens profiles for PIC). 


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