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I have got discount "Free Extra Battery with Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera Plus Free Shipping"
Don't know if it's a good deal or not.

Don't know if it will work for anyone else.

Here is the links of website if someone wants to visit:

Help me in finding the best deal for Canon Camera. Thanks in advance for helping.

Does this make us think that some suppliers have got G12s they want to sell off before a new version is announced or is this a faintly disguised commercial for ez coupons?

Doesnt even matter. the free battery is a non issue, i have a 12 dollar replacement battery that works great.  Also picked up a small vidpro hard-ish case with it (all from jr music world)

what a great little camera. shooting with it is more reliable than my crap AF 7d. i literally carry it every day. GREAT purchase!!!!!!

5th of September.

Tomorrow will be the 6th of September and Photokina will be 11 days away, so who in their right mind would buy a G12 today regardless of price if a new model might be announced any day?  :-\

Especially when there are now stiff competitors to the G12, in the first instance the Nikon P7700 which is almost a clone of the G12 but with better sensor and much better lens. Or the Sony RX100 which although it has a larger sensor (and price tag) has a poorer zoom but nevertheless gets rave reviews (apparently). What about the Panasonic Lumix LX7 which has a great Zeiss lens but even though it has a new sensor has gone the opposite way of many others as it seems slightly smaller, can they really get better IQ out of a smaller sensor with less pixels?

Mt Spokane Photography:
It is certainly worth waiting to see what is announced in the next week.  I don't expect more than the usual minor upgrades that will raise the price by 20%, so buying a G12 on sale is not a bad idea.  If smething earthshaking comes out, I'd consider replacing my G11, but I'm pretty skeptical.  The P7700 only goes to ISO 1600, and I use my G11 at ISO 3200 with usable results, so I'm wondering why it is claimed as a better sensor.
I hope Nikon's new P7700 is a good camera, Nikon has not produced any spectaular point and shoot cameras since about 2000 when I bought my CP990.  I still have it, and it still performs.  Its the lens that makes a difference, it was made in Japan by Nikon, not in China.


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