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I get your point about buying a G12 on sale especially if the improvement is only incremental but I wonder what is meant by the latest comment.

--- Quote ---More PowerShot announcements are expected, a G12 replacement I’m told is likely, as well as a new fast lens PowerShot.

--- End quote ---

What is meant by 'Im told is likely' a guess, an unsubstantiated rumour not even a CR0?

I had not noticed the difference in the ISO differences between the G11 and the new P7700 and anyway I wonder how you can say that you used the G11 at such a high ISO as when I used it at high ISO for a night shot I found the resulting image almost unusable because of the high noise level even using noise ninja I was unable to produce a satisfactory image at that level.

G12 is still a great bit of kit, at any price.


I think you might have convinced me, let's just see what arrives next week and at what price?
Be nice though if there's a G14 with a 24mm to 200mm ƒ2 to ƒ4 zoom, a digic 5 processor and a CMOS sensor ;)

Respectfully, I think a master with a G12 will likely out-perform an amateur with an EOS 1DX, though I don't dispute my G12 is a lovely camera. The G1X is just too bulky to be truly pocketable, and if you are willing to go to G1X size there are better alternatives, such as Panasonic's DMC-GX1 with a decent lens...

One often-overlooked area for the G12 to shine is underwater. In my Canon-branded housing it's good down to 35-40 metres and produces stunning images (especially macro) of rigs 3, 4 and 5 times the price:


Two of the above are shots of nudibranch - sea slugs - and those colourful subjects are each less than 1 inch in length... Yet, having praised them, Canon continue to do idiotic things with the design of their accessories... The waterproof housing has a detachable diffuser for the flash and the case covers the flash bulb close to the housing. As a result the housing section that covers the lens barrel typically causes a shadows in the lower right corners of many shots. As a regular user, you have to learn to compose and crop, where other camera providers have better designed cases...

If only Canon would be willing to give the G12 accessories the same level of design thought as the base camera, we would have something quite unbeatable... You should see the quality of video footage, taken underwater, with a G12...
Though even there I would have to admit I would upgrade if the next generation had a silent, always-active auto-focus when in video mode...

Oh, and if they wanted to do something with the shutter lag... Well, that would be perfect!


Your underwater images of the Lionfish and the nudibranch are truly stunning although nudibranch ...001 doesn't load.
Thanks for taking the effort.
Let's see if Canon does something about that shutter lag next week :)


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