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Re: Canon one series shutter life
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Shoot i paid more than that for my 1dm3, $300 is a bargain, what are you thinking?

Hey Bosman,

just the repair for the shutter is around 400$(300EUR), so its not cheap, especially when you expect a shutter to be operational for 300k clicks :D
I'll have the shutter fixed anyway as I need a camera to use while I decide what to do :D
I hear ya man, it must have been a faulty shutter mechanism on your camera from the start.
According to Canon Professional Services I took over 343,849 photos on the 1dm3 camera i sent in in 2010, so how many shots over was it actually??. The mirror, shutter and lever assemblies were shot! Hence the $730 bills to repair my Canon EOS 1D Mark III. I wish i had CPS gold but $400 a year...

Oh well, life is not cheap :D Thanks for the info and help though:D And I think after 4 years it is about time to spoil myself a little bit with a new toy :D
Whatever excuse you can come up with to upgrade I'll stand behind. :D
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Re: Canon one series shutter life
« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2012, 02:15:34 PM »