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Re: Put a link to your pictures in your footer!
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The problem with this idea is that anymore, it isn't about photography.  Most of the photos posted on here I don't even look at because you can tell they are so heavily processed afterwards that it's art anymore, and not photography.  It's now how well you can work your camera and lenses, it's how well you know Lightroom and Photoshop.  Most of the people with awesome photos wouldn't have survived the film days, sorry.  I'd much rather see basic processed RAW files out of LR or Camera RAW and converted to JPEG, 60 seconds tops, not 3 hours in Photoshop.  Again, that's why since digital photography, I don't really care too much about posted photos.  Some photographers love and blend the two arts together, but me personally, that's why some days I go shoot with my EOS-3, because you CAN'T get it wrong with film, it's either right, or not.  Period.  No fancy after effects.

That's my personal opinion and my observations over the last 5 years.

...with film, it's either right, or not.  Period.  No fancy after effects.

Shhhhh...don't tell Ansel Adams!   :P

Ha, ha.  Made me laugh because it's so true.  Photography has always had a darkroom art to it, now the drakroom is just digital.  Sure you can snap some shots and have a lab process them for you, just like you can shoot RAW and do little to no post.  That has always been the case, but masters, and people who actually have images other people want to hang on their walls usually do a lot of image manipulation (film or digital).  It's funny to me, but I often find that the people who are most resistant to post production the so called "traditionalists" A) don't realize the historical perspective of how much darkroom work has always been done and B) aren't any good with computers.  I know tons of older photographers who began with film, but LOVE digital because it frees them up to realize the photographic (or artistic) vision they have in their head with much less exposure to toxic chemicals, and able to realize their vision much faster.  Using the freedom of digital allows some to prosper and figure out new ways to explore the medium, to push boundaries and create new art.  You say most of the people with awesome images now wouldn't have been able to survive the film days, the same is true about many of the film photographers I see now, they won't survive the digital age.  It also allows some to stagnate and become old grumpy curmudgeons.  Use it to your advantage instead of just bitching about it, grow, evolve, the rest of the world will wether you do or not.

What Alex said!

My father loved 35mm B&W film - all he had back then anyway.. :) - and I was about 5 or 6.
He did all kinds of fancy effects on some of those photos .. that was about 35 yrs ago...
Every Photographer I looked up to - and I'm not talking about journalists since that's a totally diff. field - were people who had a very critical view and wanted to be better and wanted to make their creation better.
I have the same view. Every photo I take, I find something that could/can be better. I am not a journalist, I am not interested to show "snapshot reality" in a way anyone can see it, I'd like to show it in my way. That means I change it - by re-shooting or CS - until I'm satisfied with it. Of course that doesn't mean I'm still going to be happy with it a year later...   :)

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Re: Put a link to your pictures in your footer!
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2012, 01:00:30 AM »