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I bought a second-hand 50D body today, What is the best lens (under $550)?
I want a multi purpose lense.

And if you please tell me what  memory cards works best with this camea?


CR Backup Admin:
Any compact flash will work with the camera.  Just pickup a couple of inexpensive 8 GB compact flash cards, and you will be fine.  You won't need the latest and greatest,  they will not work faster in your camera.

 for example

As for lens, that is the most important part, much more important than the body selection.  Many spend several times the cost of the body on lenses.

However, for under $500, I'd buy the 18-55mm IS and the 55-250mm IS.  If money allows, add the bargain priced 50mm f/1.8.  At some point, you will want to move up to the big $$$ lenses, but wait for a couple of years.

Good Luck.

Either of these would be a nice addition:

17-85 for a decent wide to short tele

or a normal to medium tele:

My recommendation for you is to get the Canon 28 1.8. It's 530$. You'll not regret the choice. The next step is the Canon 85 1.8. Don't waste your money on that zooms. Latter when you'll move to full frame those lenses would still work and will smooth the transition. Doing it in this way the lost money in the process will be most minimized, but most important is the skill you will develop

Thank you all... helpful replies.

I decided to by one of the following lenses: (still confused :-\)
Canon EF-S 15-85mm
Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM
Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

I'll get only one lens now, then additional lens every 6-9 months.


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