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Microsoft RAW Codec that supports 5D III and 64 Bit Available

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Mt Spokane Photography:
Although Canon has not been releasing codecs for 64 bit windows, Microsoft does release them, but slowly. 
The good thing, is that the codec covers multiple manufacturers.
No support for the 1D X though.

mike p:
been looking for this for a loong time, thanks for posting Spokane

EDIT. This should be pinned

Very useful.  Thanks!

I thought MS just released a new version months ago.  Any update in this new version?

This is invaluable - thanks Mt. Spokane (hope your hands are doing better)

Some of you may get an error code which deals with permissions and writing to the Registry to allow this installation to occur.  If you get this error (ProgId) please visit:

I believe this was posted once before in a similar thread so I thought to add here once again


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