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Author Topic: Usain Bolt wins the 200 meters and shoots with a 1DX and 24-70 -Winner!!!  (Read 19569 times)


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the pictures were quite amusing. one photographer just stood there with a smile and forgot to shoot (D: ) curious if he just smashed it in automatic mode, or the settings just happened to be right.

but it was a nikon... unfortunately :P

That was the photographer from whom Bolt took the camera.

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They gave him a d4 cause no one in their right mind would hand over a 1dx. :P
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The photographer Jimmy Wixtröm more or less planned the whole thing. He got Usain to use his camera last year and now during the Olymipics Jimmy was wearing the same cap each and every day and was even called a stalker by Usain (but with a smile)... and Jimmy stood where he knew Usain would pass after the 200 meter final. He shouted for Usain and got noticed. The rest is history..... As for just standing and not taking any photos, Jimmy had two cams, but the one he had left was with tele lens and useless for capturing the moment.

I am confident it was no planned marketing from Nikon on this... but sure could  be used in upcoming commercials if they wanted to :D


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there was NO Canon and NO Nikon . . . just a pro body camera for taking photos. WINNER!

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