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--- Quote from: Sad_Dave on October 25, 2012, 07:39:35 AM ---@verysimplejason
Hi and thx for your opinion.Taking a second look at the grashopper i must say you'r right .
What do you think of this one. By the way i don't own a macro lens. I used the Tamron lens 18 - 270.

--- End quote ---

That is very good man.  I like it.  Having a good macro lens is nice but it doesn't mean you can't take a good macro.  It may not be as good as a real macro but sure you can take it.  The only hard part is focusing properly.  Here's one of my own, taken with a 55-250mm lens.

another one:

and with an 18-55mm.  While not true macros, they are certainly capable.

An interesting bug eating a japanese beatle, and working out?

Canon 5DIII + EF100 f2.8 - hand held

5D3 100L+25mm extension tube AV f16, ISO 100
She was sitting there for over an hour patiently getting her pictures taken :)

Canon 1DMK IV, 100f/2.8 L II Macro. Both shot @ f/22 & 1/160th.


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