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Just some new pics I've taken outside our condo.  I've experimented with different DOF, saturation and perspectives.

Some more...  I wish I've encountered some bugs, but I'm unfortunate this day...  So I just had to do it with some grass and small flowers I've found in the walk-path.


--- Quote from: eml58 on March 09, 2013, 01:14:46 AM ---Canon 1DMK IV, 100f/2.8 L II Macro. Both shot @ f/22 & 1/160th.

--- End quote ---

Just now saw these shots. Stunning! Where did you take these? How were they lit? Very nice work. :)

Just took this one today. 5d/ 28-135 Lens. Waiting for my 100 macro to come this week.

Several from my last trip.


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