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Re: Neon Bright Stockholm
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DKN, I like your photos very much. Very good composition and really interesting and not ordinary post-processing. Could you please describe in more detail what post-processing was done on these photos. Did you use some Lightroom presets?
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Re: Neon Bright Stockholm
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Re: Neon Bright Stockholm
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Please tell me what you think. I'm extremely courious about it. :)


And a few photos will be uploaded on my 500px page in the next days, feel free to look at it and give me advices.

Aesthetically, this is just a matter of taste, so unless there's something about your photos you don't like and want help changing it's hard to give advice.  The HDR look is something I hardly ever like, and as I rather like drab, gray light (preferably if it's raining or has just stopped, and better darker than lighter), my eye prefers the batch of photos you did only minor adjustments to (I probably like the person walking across the bridge at dusk with an umbrella the best); I would find the bleakness of that vast expanse of open space in 8238 (an image I like quite a lot) more effective if were much less colorful (monochrome might be best).  (I would also note that if you're confronted by a boring pale gray sky and don't care for a rather bleak aesthetic, avoiding wide-angle shots with lots of sky is another solution - tight shots focusing on building details etc. with little or no sky will provide more visual interest.) But that's all just me.  And in one or two I think the composition would look better with some cropping.  But again, that's just me.

The only suggestion I have that's closer to being "objective" concerns perspective distortion - in a few of the photos (especially 8185 and 8186) taller buildings appear to lean back rather than in or upright, which sometimes happens when software "corrects" vertical distortion excessively.  Maybe you like that look too, but it looks "wrong" to me (I tend to be rather fussy about horizontal and vertical lines).


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Re: Neon Bright Stockholm
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Thanks everyone! You really are a constructive community and you are helping me grow so much!

I would like to say to those who like more "close up" shots that, although I would have liked it much, I don't currently have any lens longer than 105mm, so it's a quite difficult task taking these kind of shots.

For the perspective, I actually like these curved, extended, stretched builing, because it gives me a pretty dynamic feeling of the place, it feels less static.

As for the post processing details, I pushed the shadows and pulled highlights, and later on I added clarity. Next, I have used the highlight panel on Adobe Camera Raw to add the color tonality and as last step, I’ve added a gradient filter with -2.0 exposure and red or brown color. All made only on ACR.

Next time I will try a little black&white as suggested. I'm not familiar with B&W, so I'll have to practice a bit.

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Re: Neon Bright Stockholm
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