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Dandelion DOF


Take 1:

Dandelion time take 1 by RCARCARCA, on Flickr

EXIF: Canon 5DMk3, 100mm 2.8IS macro, ISO 320, f2.8, 1/1600 sec

Take 2:

Dandelion time take 2 by RCARCARCA, on Flickr

EXIF: As above except 1/2000 sec

Amazing subtelty in the focus IMHO.


Mt Spokane Photography:
Macro lenses have a very shallow depth of field at close differences.  There are ways to deal with it like focus stacking.

was it windy? It's normal to have "in focus" plane shift if you refocus, especially if you change settings.

I've got the 100 2.8, and when I first got it I used it at 2.8 all the time.  After a while I realized that I usually works, and looks better, if you stop it down to somewhere around 5 when doing macros.

Of course, this isn't always the case, but when I do macros I basically take a bunch of shots at different apertures, because it's hard to tell what looks good on those little screens.

The 2.8 is amazing when you use it on portraits and other things IMO.


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