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Author Topic: Canon EOS 3D X [CR1]  (Read 84350 times)


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Re: Canon EOS 3D X [CR1]
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While these are interesting, They don't showcase anything that couldn't be done on a d30. :P
Nice try. ;D

That's only +2 EV and 63% fill light on Adobe ACR 6.7
Either of those settings alone can show up banding noise in dark areas in some low ISO canon raw files. (I'm discovering there's sometimes more to it than that tho, can vary with Canon shutter speed)
Addenda: I can actually drag fill light to 100 to start to blow out the sand in the LR corner and it only shows a little chroma noise that could be removed with basic NR and still show plenty of detail.

see below from the d800 for a sample of low DR scene that's NOT at base ISO:

- 1st is a 1/10th linear scale of the whole frame
- 2nd is a full crop

take a guess at the ISO

I'll provide a few clues:  f/8, 1/20s only a few points of luminance NR, May 25th, 7:50PM MST, in shade, about 53.5 degrees N latitude.  ACR 6.7 using 10 pts of luminance NR on top of the default 25 pts of chrominance NR.
Ancient 55mm macro for glass.

I'd LOVE it if my 5D2 came out this clean at those settings.

check my tech blog for the dark noise comparison if you want to see impressive lens caps shots.

I really shouldn't clutter this particular thread with this so I'll likely delete this & other images Sunday
MEANWHILE:  did you guess iso 800?... nope
1600?...  not it either.
That's ISO 3200 performance on the d800.  Still pretty clean in the dark areas. and lots of crop-ability

Yep, I could do that shot w/ the D30, excluding the ISO 3200 and the 36MP.  8)

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Re: Canon EOS 3D X [CR1]
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