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Over-exposition lines in PowerShot S100 photos


Dear all,
I recently bought a PowerShot S100, and I have noticed that most photos show thin lines (white, purple and green) in zones of contrast. You can see an example in the attached pictures. It is not exactly color aberration (it's not purple or green fringing); it looks more like pixel bleeding due to over-exposition. However, I have played with the exposure and I have only managed to partially mitigate the problem. Do you think it could be a defect in the sensor?

Mt Spokane Photography:
Were you shooting jpeg or raw?
 I ask, because I saw the same thing with my Nikon D800 when Lightroom tried to correct the excessive CA's from their 24-70G lens.
If using jpeg and no further post processing, something is wrong.

I've never seen this issue with shots from my S100, even with very high contrast transitions.  Agree with Mt. Spokane that it may be a post-processing issue.  FWIW, I shoot RAW and convert with DxO Optics Pro.


--- Quote from: xenon on August 22, 2012, 07:16:37 AM ---Do you think it could be a defect in the sensor?

--- End quote ---

Most definitely a defect.  That looks hideous.

If you still have the receipt and are inside your return window - exchange it for a new body.  Otherwise, call up Canon Irvine for service (and DEFINITELY SEND IN the sample photos when you send in the unit for repair!).  They are pretty quick with turnaround.

Hi all,
Thanks for answering. The lines appear shooting in both raw and jpeg mode.
I'll contact Canon to see whether they can replace the camera for a new one.


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