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Eye-fi card and 5D3 experiences

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Hope this isn't a dupe but all threads I found regarding the 5D3 and Eye-fi were when the Mk 3 was either speculation or had just been released. I wondered a few months out how users  found the combination?

The Canon WFT is a bit expensive for my amateur use but I'm considering one of these. Use would be just to transfer RAW images from a another room to save carting the camera back and fowards for food and product types shots. Transfer and burst speed isn't much of an issue, anyone found any other issues? I assume when out and about if I disable writing to the Eye-fi it wouldn't affect writing to the CF card speed wise?

I have used Eye-Fi cards on a regular basis and they work as designed in my experience.
I only use the Eye-Fi cards with ShutterSnitch to create an adhoc network.  This allows me to connect to my Ipad without a network connection.   Let me further clarify: with my 5D3, I shoot RAW and small JPG.  I only transfer the JPG to my Ipad during a shoot to show clients/models as the shoot progresses.  Shuttersnitch is used to create the adhoc network.  The RAW images remain on my CF card in the camera and I transfer those later to my computer for  post processing.  The JPG's are automatically transferred to my Ipad during the shoot via Eye-Fi card + ShutterSnitch.  I've yet to find a CF adapter that will accept and work with an Eye-Fi SD card.  I've bought two or three adapters and none have worked.
Hope this helps.

Joes Dad:
I use cards on both my 5D Mark III and 1D Mark IV.  I shoot in RAW on the CF card and simultaneously shoot in small JPG to the Eye-Fi SD card.  The JPGs are then transferred to my iPad for immediate review of how the shooting is going.  In my experience these things work great for this purpose.  I would not use it for file transfer of the files intended for future use.

Does anybody use eye-fi with cf adapter?

I've been using an EyeFi card in my 5D3 for the past few weeks. I've found the EyeFi to be... flaky. But in its defense, it's a refurb I got from

The way I've been doing that is to do RAW only in the simultaneously-record-to-both cards mode. When I have a shot I want to transfer, I run it through the in-camera JPEG processing, and it transfers to my iPhone using the built-into-the-card ad-hoc network. Works reasonably well most of the time, and I have a 32G CompactFlash for more stable storage.

You can't use an EyeFi in a Canon with a CF adapter. I tried it with all of my Canon bodies that use CF (XTi, 40D, 5D Classic) and it just flat out refused to recognize the card as a viable storage medium. Worked in my Nikon D70, more or less, but no go with the Canon. Googling it reveals that everyone else who's tried it agrees. Just don't bother--either get a Canon that supports SD, or give up on the dream of EyeFi.


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