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Short Film With The 60D and Kit lens.


Hi everyone!
Kinda new here, but I read these rumors every now and then.
So because it's summer, my friend and I decided to work on a small project, being a film.
It's our first time making a short film, so we're still messing around with stuff, but we get really inspired by people like WongfuProductions, Film Riot, FinalCutKing, etc

First things first, camera gear used ;) :
Canon 60D
50mm 1.4
18-200mm 3.5-5.6

More of the film was shot with the 18-200mm, because the 80mm fov from the 50mm just wasnt wide enough, especially for the earlier shots. However, the "hardcore" training bits were shot most with the 50mm ;)
Sexy much?

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback on what needs to be improved for our upcoming videos? The storyboard was kinda messed up in this one :P

For this short film, we had no budget and therefore used parks, houses as the set, and lamps as lighting. We do have requests to shoot a dancing documentary and a short music video for a friend dedicated to his gf <3

 Any recommendations for lighting (With a budget of no more than $200usd).

Give me your opinions and enjoy our short film "Impossible"!

Remember to watch in 1080P!



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