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Light Painting!

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Half Way To Nothing:
I keep seeing an old bus on the road where I live. What do you think?

Night Bus by P A - Photography, on Flickr

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! bwaaaahahahhaah.... I LOVE IT!  Makes me smile.

What did you use for your drawing light source????  I must try this!!!!

Love it!  Awesome photo!

Wow! Absolutely fantastic! Can you share details please?

This is truly a beautiful photo. Amazingly good exposure, cool composition - but to me the most inspiring is the skill with the light painting. How many takes did you have to do to 'get it SOOOO good'????  :)

Did you do this photo yourself (with different colour lights / torches / lazers?) - or were multiple people involved. I'm just smiling so much at this photo. Very clever, well executed and great outcome! Congrats.  ;)

I looked at the same photo on your flickr - and note you've shared these details:
Canon 50D / 166 Seconds / 13mm / f10 / ISO160

Again well done!  8)



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