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Screen Protector For Canon 1DX Camera

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Does anybody out there know where I can get an LCD screen protector for a Canon 1DX?

This has been discussed in the past few days here:


I use the ggs glass for the 5d3 on my 1d x. It works, and only glued around the edges so on glue on the screen... i have cracked it once so I'll keep using them as the screen was undamaged..

This is the one I bought.  Seems to work well for me, and it arrived much quicker than I expected.

I've had my 1dx now for nearly 2 months and have already got a few fine scratches on the screen. I have 2 5dmkii bodies which I have owned for over a year and both have clean screens without any  scratches. I wish I had a screen protector on the 1dx as I'm a bit gutted that a camera which cost so much has a scratched screen as I plan to own the 1dx for the next year or two.
The screen resolution is great and clear but I still think that you still don't know how good the images are until you get the files back on the computer. I did a shoot today for a magazine cover and trying to judge a pretty complex lighting set up from an LCD screen no matter how clear is pretty hard, so I would rather of had a plastic cover like on the D3 which you can take off at your own discretion.
I contacted Calumet about replacing the screen and it's not as simple as with the 5d's where you can take out and replace the screen only, Canon have to replace the entire back panel that the screen is attached to and it's not cheap!


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