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Canon Rumors Forum

The easiest solution to the comments issue at Canon Rumors is to bring the forum back.
The forum will be very integrated into the Canon Rumors site to make it easy to comment and discuss posts. You can obviously also add your own posts.
The domain for the forum should propagate over the next 24 hours.
I will be tweaking and playing around with this. I’ve added a forum suggestion category as well. If you have ideas, please let me know.
Some folks expressed interest in moderating for CR, I will get back to you.
I’ll work hard getting the forum populated with stuff, you can help out with that as well.

 :) ok,,, now back to the news! ,,, er,,, rumors!!!!

Your hard work and attention to detail WILL PAY off, so keep at it!
Maybe a one strike and you're out policy would work too,,,
Or ,,, verified users can post immediately,, others would have to be moderated,,,

Or ,, if your comment gets flagged (reported for innappropriate content) you will get the comment moved off the forum and into the "CR guy in basket",,, to be checked on later,,,

I also go to

And they have a system of showing when you joined, how many post you made, and rating system of sorts, by which we (you ) could maybe make a newbie a "P and Shoot" when they first start up, and graduate to next levels,,, EVIL, G10, APS-C and FF,,,

Something of that sort,,,, or if any user gets flagged, restrict their posting rights, ,,, and have only their comments moderated,,,,

Ok,, well tame care and good luck!!!


Thanks CR Guy for getting us back on track. The comments were getting out of hand. I imagine it was a few spoiling it for the rest of us, but thanks for giving us our voice back. keep up the good work and keep adding original content to the site. It makes it a richer place to hang out.



--- Quote from: Canon Rumors on July 20, 2010, 12:47:15 PM ---<p><strong>Canon Rumors Forum<br />

<span style=\"font-weight: normal;\">The easiest solution to the comments issue at Canon Rumors is to bring the forum back.</span> </strong></p>

--- End quote ---

Happy to hear that bringing the forum back is the easiest solution, because I think it's also the best solution!  8)

I had a little problem quoting a single sentence, it seems the whole post is being quoted in the reply form, and also in the preview window. I had to cancel manually, I don't know if it's my fault, now I post this and check the result.

Not a great appearance for the quoted sentence above... I'm replying myself just to check how it works.
BTW, under "additional options" I noticed the possibility to send attachments, cool feature!


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